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School Meals

School meals have come a long way since our school days!

We are extremely fortunate in having our school dinners cooked freshly in our school kitchens daily. Lunches are cooked to order and all children are asked in the morning to pre-select the meal they want from the available options.


In addition to being tasty and appealing,

  • Meals are nutritionally analysed, so are balanced and not excessively high in salt, sugar or fat.
  • Recipes are adapted to optimise health benefits by including:
    • vegetables in dishes where appropriate;
    • fruit in dishes where appropriate;
    • reduced salt, sugar, fat in preparation.
  • School meals offer fruit dessert options, fruit within recipes, salad bar choices, daily hot vegetable, vegetables within recipes.
  • Children can fill up on additional bread, vegetables, salad or potatoes (not chips) if still hungry.
  • A selection from water or milk is included.

The cost is £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week, preferably payable on a Monday (all money should be paid via Parent Pay or sent in a labelled envelope).

Unfamiliar items on the menu, or even the new process of queuing with a tray can discourage children from choosing a school lunch.  To allay any fears, all P1 children starting at Fossoway have the opportunity to come and have a school lunch before they begin, and a parent or carer can come – and eat – too. Before a new menu is released, pupils have the opportunity to try new dishes.  As new menus are developed, pupils are also included on tasting panels which helps to ensure the choices on the menu are ‘child friendly’.  Menus change in April and October of each year.

If your child is likely to take school meals we suggest they do this from as early on as possible as it helps them settle into the school routine. It will help your child too if you are already encouraging them to use a knife and fork properly at home. Staff will encourage children to eat what they have chosen, and children are also expected to clear their plates and glasses after they finish.


If you are receiving certain benefits, your child may be entitled to free school meals.

There is always a daily vegetarian option, and children with particular dietary requirements can also be catered for.

Packed Lunches

Children who bring packed lunches have their lunch in the school dining hall with the other children. They are expected to eat what you have provided for them and will take home whatever they don’t manage, so that you can keep a check at home. Please do not include a sugary drink, sweets or biscuits in your child’s packed lunch box as we adhere to a healthy eating policy.

Due to severe nut allergies within the school, we would also request that you do not pack any items containing nuts in your child’s packed lunch.

Playtime snacks and water

In Primary 1 and 2 your child will be given a piece of fruit to eat as a morning snack 3 times a week.