Parent Council Minutes – 14 December 2016

Parent Council Meeting

Wednesday 14th December

Fossoway Primary School: 6.30pm Minutes

Present: Jim Pritchard (JP), Margaret Forster (MF), Mrs. Brown (MB), Christina Smith (CS), Katherine Wallace (KW), Adelaide Carlow (AC), Susan Russell-Darby (SRD), Sadie Watson (SW), Laura Smith (LS), Lauren Bate (LB)

1. Apologies for absence All present.

2. Minutes of previous meeting – true record

Approved subject to financial information from last year being added from Chris Conlon. CS & SDR Action: CS follow up financial papers for last year, and hand over to SDR for this year, with Chris Conlon
3. Matters arising

  • Kinross PC Charity update. A joint charity between schools is no longer being pursued, as there hasn’t been enough interest within the Cluster.
  • Community Council – relevant issues. CS looked at October 2016 minutes, where issues of routes to school and the Sports Hub had been raised, as per the last Parent Council Meeting. More recent minutes have not been posted on the website yet but are available outside the Village Shop.
  • Parent Council Website – There have been no objections to closing the Parent Council website and having it as a subsection on the School website, therefore there was agreement to move ahead with this.
  • Parent Council thanked JP for all his work in setting up the original Parent Council website, which was very valuable at the time.

Action: JP to find out if CS can go on the mailing list for minutes.

Action: JP to close Parent Council Website and make a sub-section on the School website

Action: CS to check what content to go on the new sub-section on the School website

4. Update on cuts to Expressive Arts

Potential cuts to Expressive Arts specialists and PE specialists from August 2017 in Perth and Kinross are still being negotiated/ debated by PKC, and the School has no answers yet. This is being discussed in association with potential changes to reduced non-contact time for teachers with a management role, and MF will update parents once she has concrete information.

Discussion around the value of specialist teachers, and the knowledge that all teachers have across the Curriculum. The idea of fund raising for specialist input, such as Muckhart Primary have done for a ten week block of specialist Music sessions, was raised for discussion if appropriate in future.

5. Head Teacher’s input

See separate Report.

Parentzone is also a link to valuable information:


None raised.

7. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 8th February 2017, 6.30pm