Parent Council Meeting 14 Dec 2016 – Head Teacher Update


Mrs Clare Davis has been successful at interview and is now a full time member of staff in nursery. All staff who were off work (long term) have returned. We no longer have a drama specialist and from January Mrs Bryson will be taking up a post in another school which means she can no longer cover RCCT (reduced class contact time) in Fossoway. Mrs Brown is returning to full time work from 23 January 2017 and from that date Mrs Clemie will no longer be acting PT but will maintain the same amount of hours by teaching classes during teacher RCCT. This will ensure continuity and also minimise disruption to pupils and school.

School roll

We have had an increasing number of parents visiting the school this term and more have booked appointments to visit the school next term. This is due to families buying within the locality as well as a number of placing requests from Muckhart and Kinross. We had to turn away three families due to reserved places for children within the catchment. However we have contacted them and asked them to complete placing requests before the end of March to request a place in August after our P7s move on to High School.


Repairs to FRED room and several external doors, plumbing issue has been resolved.

Governance review

Feedback has been given collectively from Councils, GTCS as well as other bodies. Individuals can also give their views online the closing date is 6 January 2017.
The most straightforward way to respond is on-line through Citizen Space. Details are available in the Consultation Hub on the consultation section of the Scottish Government’s website:

Assessing children’s progress.

Information was sent home regarding this last month.
website: NatonalImprovementFramework

Scottish Govt consultation about early years

Information has been sent home via email and also support given to nursery parents if they wished help in completing the forms, again this consultation is still available until the beginning of January 2017. There is still time to put your views forward. Link to consultation :

Expressive Arts

There will be a different model used in delivering RCCT (reduced class contact time) to teachers. It is too early to say if we will be using an expressive arts teacher to cover RCCT in our school from August. Class Teachers are qualified to deliver all subjects including expressive arts. It is likely that there will be changes from next year with regards specialist teachers providing RCCT, based on the Teacher’s working time agreement in relation to how many hours teachers are with a class (pro rata). The exception to this is PTs, DHTs and HTs who are not entitled to RCCT because this time it is contained in their management time.