Parent Council AGM – October 2016

Parent Council AGM

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Fossoway Primary School: 6.30pm



Members:  Jim Pritchard (JP), Margaret Forster (MF), Christina Smith (CS), Chris Conlon (CC), Katherine Wallace (KW, Adelaide Carlow (AC)

Visiting:  Counsellor Mike Barnacle (CMB), Susan Russell (SR)

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies: Lauren Bate, Sadie Watson, Laura Smith

  1. AGM – election for vacncies on council/post holders
  1. Chris Conlon resigned. The Parent Council would like to thank Chris for his hard work over the past number of years, including taking on the role of Treasurer.
  2. Susan Russell has joined the Parent Council, and taken on role of Treasurer.
  3. Christina Smith continues as chair, Sadie Watson as Vice-chair and Katherine Wallace as secretary.

Some parents had expressed an interest in coming tonight, although didn’t attend.  The PC re-iterated that these are open meetings, and all parents are welcome.  Attending as an Observer can be a low key way to find out more about the Parent Council, and whether you would be interested in joining in future.   

  1. Minutes of previous meeting–


Proposed:  KW, Seconded:  CS.

  1. Matters arising

Kinross PC Charity update.  CS reported that there has not been a lot of enthusiasm for this across the Cluster, but she will check for further news.

ACTION:  CS follow up with Johnathon Bryson. 

PTA.  MF reported that at the moment this will remain an independent body and parents have come forward to help sustain it.  PC would like to thank parents for supporting PTA, and the valuable work undertaken.

Hydro Project Opening.  KW reported that the formal opening is taking place on Friday 28th October, and the Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Society are planning an Open Afternoon for Saturday.  *Update since meeting:  the Open Day has been postponed until spring – more information will follow nearer the time*.

  1. Finance Report

Note:  2015/16 expenditure was for forest school taster sessions.

See attached report

  1. Head teacher’s input

Staffing –

An increase in numbers in nursery means we will now require 1 extra member of staff in the afternoon Monday to Friday. We have 4 applicants so far for this post. We should interview by November next term.

Ophelie Guiroy – French – working well, benefit to pupils and staff. She is working with Nursery, P1/2, P2/3 and P4/5 at the moment. We hope to have a lunch club for older pupils set up next term.

School roll – has gone up by 1pupil who will be joining our P5/6 class within next few weeks. We have reserved spaces in all classes except P1/2 and P7 for this session.

Parent workshops and open session –were very successful according to feedback given on the day – as yet we only have two parents who have given feedback by email. Thanks go to Mrs Brown and Mrs Clemie as well as Mrs Cummings for organising and presenting these sessions.

Monitor Classes – jotters, long term and weekly plans have been carried out.  ASN audit for every class have been discussed during meetings with myself, class teacher and pupil support teacher.

Nationally – lots of documents and deadlines within this academic session, already preparing in PKC for any changes this year and for August 2017 session – in terms of teaching, learning and assessment. Some documents still in draft form but if anyone would like to read any of the new documents I am happy to give you information on titles and where to locate them online.

I would like to personally thank Dr Conlon for all of his years of service to our school as Treasurer of the Parent Council. He has stepped down due to work commitments.   

  1. Update on Sports Hub

KW and SW attended an initial meeting organised by Counsellor Barnacle regarding the potential for a Sports Hub for Fossoway district, as per the Kinross Sports Hub.  The aim would be to increase activity across all ages, and to promote a range of activities.  KW reported that the idea seemed very positive, although more local stakeholders would need to take a pro-active interest.  See next item for more discussion with Counsellor Barnacle. 

  1. Input from Councillor Barnacle

Sports Hub

CMB reported that although not all the stakeholders had attended the meeting, there appears to be a lot of activity and resources in Fossoway, but very little co-ordination. 

Discussion that PC/ School would be very interested in this.  Already the School is working with Cath Devanney of Live Active to promote playground games and sports in School, however at the moment After School Clubs are infrequent.  Discussion about the importance of trying to build activities that are self-funding so not always dependent on volunteers.   

Action:  CMB circulate minutes of meeting. 

Action:  MF put Cath Devanny and CMB in touch. 

Safe Routes to School, Footpaths and Village Hall Parking

CMB said he is hoping to have a sub-committee of the Community Council focusing on footpaths, (like Portmoak’s Footpath Group), and the views of the School and contributions of parents would be very important.  For example, CMB has had representation from people living along the B9097 regarding footpaths, representations regarding the ‘County Fabrics’ corner and regarding the road to the Village Hall, and there is discussion re a 20mph speed limit in the village. 

CMB is keen to try and re-instate the Council footpath budget, and a developer is proposing some funds for extending the Village Hall parking if planning for approx 38 houses is granted in the field adjacent to the A977 and Village Hall.  The Council are trying to adopt the road to the Village Hall, but houses along the route need to contribute funds and not all are prepared to do so.  The Council may be able to force but there are two objections to the notice of adoption.  The budget for the work may no longer be there after March 2017.  CMB explained that if cars are damaged on the road due to lack of maintenance, then the Owner of the road can be claimed against.

CMB raised that there are 4 proposals for development in the Village – large one to the South of the Village, another East of the Village Hall, another beyond West Crook Way and another to the North.  For further information read the Kinross newsletter, or attend the meetings which are on the first Tuesday of each month.  The Main Issues Report has been delayed until after the Summer Recess 2017, due to delays with the Tay Plans.  There will be further opportunities to consult with the developers… see the Kinross Newsletter for meetings. 

CMB has secured funding for improvements to the A977, which may include for example, a 40mph limit at the start of the B9097, and a mini roundabout outside the Garage. 

Action:  MF find out if there is still ‘Safe Route to School’ funds available. 

Action:  CMB keep CS updated about any Footpath Group

Action:  CS read Community Council minutes each month to see if anything relevant to raise at PC.

Action:  KW add ‘Community Council, relevant issues’ to next agenda. 


Parent Council Website

Discussion that with the School website now up and running, perhaps the PC website could close, and the PC have a sub-section on the School website. 

Action:  All parents welcome to give feedback, so a decision can be taken at the next meeting.

Active Literacy Workshop

Discussion that this had been very beneficial and the feedback to PC parents was very positive. 

The PC would like to thank Mrs. Clemmie and Mrs. Brown for the Workshops. 

Date of next meeting:  14th December 2016, 6.30pm

Future meetings:  8.2.17, 17.5.17