Head Teacher

Mrs Margaret Forster Headteacher

Hello everyone, and welcome to our school website. My name is Mrs Margaret Forster and I have been in post as Head Teacher of Fossoway Primary School and Nursery since September 2013.

This school is built in the lovely rural village of Crook of Devon and is a friendly place to work and learn in. With a hard play area outside, beside a large, open field and wild meadow picnic area and walk, all varieties of play activities, for all stages are easily accommodated. The staff, pupils and parents play, investigate and above all learn together.

The catchment area of the school consists of the parish of Fossoway and the associated farms and villages of Crook of Devon, Powmill, Rumbling Bridge, Drum, Carnbo and Aldie. The school caters for pupils of primary age and also has morning and afternoon Nursery provision. The catchment area for the Nursery also includes the school catchment areas for Blairingone and Cleish Primary schools. Parental choice placements mean that the school also has families from Milnathort, Kinross, Balado, Scotlandwell and Clackmannan areas.

School users have several modes of travelling to the school. Pupils who live within the close vicinity of the school walk, cycle and are driven to school. Due to its catchment, pupils from outwith a radius of two miles from the school are provided with bus transport to the school. Currently there are two buses transporting pupils. Pupils from outside the catchment area have no public transport options and are typically driven to school. Nursery users are either walked to the school, or are driven.

Quite a few parents from outwith our catchment area have made written requests to have their children attend school here. If you are considering a placing request at Fossoway for your child, please contact the Head Teacher to discuss your wishes.

We have 5 primary classes (some composite) and a Nursery. An extension, built in 2004, houses an open plan Early Years’ Department, where Nursery, P1 and P2 all work, play and learn. We have five full time teachers one of which is the Principal Teacher plus a teacher who covers PT time out of class, a teacher who covers for non class contact time for teachers, a visiting additional support needs teacher and various visiting expressive arts specialists. We also have a full-time and a part-time classroom auxiliary, a support for learning assistant, and playground supervision. There are two staff in the office, two staff in the kitchen (who cook onsite), two cleaners and a part-time facilities assistant.

We pride ourselves on our ever developing curriculum and on the many extra-curricular experiences we organise for the children such as choir, science, rugby, netball, cricket, yoga, dance, running and orienteering. We also take part in many competitions and festivals. This year Primary 7 are being offered a residential experience with the other Kinross Cluster schools at the Dalguise Outdoor Centre.

All pupils are involved in decision making in our school. We have five committees who take responsibility for initiatives and improvements within school: ECO and Outdoor Committees, Rights Respecting School Committee, Health Committee and Events Committee. The Pupil Learning Council ensures that we maintain the high standards we have set ourselves. In fact, all children are involved actively in a committee to take forward school improvements.

Parents are actively encouraged to be part of the life of our school. We have an extremely dedicated team of fundraisers in the school PTA, together with an active Parent Council. We welcome parent involvement wherever possible and appreciate the on-going support from parents and carers both present and past. Parents organise playground games twice per week and offer a range of activities such as football, rugby, games and Zumba. We have good solid links with the village community and strong working partnerships with schools in our cluster group.

We are one big happy family here at Fossoway and have a shared understanding of where we are, where we want to be and how everyone can work together to get there. We are proud to be part of the Fossoway Family.

If you would like to know more or would like to visit our school, please do not hesitate to get in touch or indeed drop in, we would all love to meet you.

Margaret Forster

(Head Teacher)