Fossoway Primary School – Nursery Handbook





Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome and thank you for choosing Fossoway Nursery.

We are looking forward to your child starting Nursery with us and hope to build a strong partnership with you based on mutual trust and respect.

We hope you will find this booklet helpful and will be able to share some of it with your child.

If you have any enquiries or concerns not answered by the booklet, or your enrolment visit, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Margaret Forster    (Head Teacher)


Mrs Lisa Brown               (Principal Teacher)

Ms E Good                          Peripatetic Nursery Teacher

Ms E Wyllie                       Early Childhood Practitioner

Ms L Robertson               Play Assistant


Nursery Times:

Morning Session                  8.55 am – 12.07 pm

Afternoon Session               12.43 pm – 3.15 or 3.55 pm

Full day  Session                   8.55 am – 3.19 pm

Nursery Capacity:

Morning Session                  20 children

Afternoon Session                10 children

Full day sessions are 6 hours 24 minutes, where a child can stay over lunchtime (Parents choosing this option have to collect children after 6 hrs 24 minutes i.e. the earlier collection time and not at the end of the PM session).

  • Half day sessions are 3 hours 12 minutes i.e. AM or PM as currently.
  • 2 x half days sessions in one day but the child has to be taken away over lunchtime (Parents may wish to use this option if they require their child to remain in nursery until the later collection time i.e. the end of the PM session).

The child cannot access more than 16 hours per week therefore the following selection of sessions can be chosen:

2 x full day sessions and 1 x half day session.

1 x full day session and 3 x half day sessions.

5 x half day sessions.

Or less than any of the above if they do not wish to access the full 16 hours per week

Children staying for the full day session can bring a packed lunch or can take a school lunch, this will have to be paid for by the parent unless they think they qualify for a free school meal, in which case they should apply in the normal manner.

Contact details:

Fossoway Primary School Nursery

Crook of Devon

Perth and Kinross

KY13 0UL

Phone 01577 867340

E mail –

School Terms and Holidays, including In-service days and mid-term holidays for this year, can be accessed on the PKC website Paper copies are also available from the school office.


Starting Nursery

Practical information for parents and carers

First day

To enable us to spend time and settle children, we stagger the start dates over a short period of time. We understand that the needs of children are different and some will settle quickly, while others need time. A ‘staggered’ start means that, although your child may be due to start Nursery, all of the children may not start on the same day. We usually introduce new children into the Nursery in groups of 2.

This system helps the Nursery staff to settle the children and get to know them better. If your child is not settling we will encourage you to stay, if you would like to.

What do I need to bring?

A change of clothes in a bag (not plastic)

Footwear (velcro fastened) for indoors, preferably gym shoes (to be kept at Nursery)

A small photograph, if possible

All clothing and footwear should be labelled with your child’s name. Please change clothes and footwear from time to time, to check they still fit!

Attendance and ‘handing over’ children

Children in their Pre-school year are normally expected to attend all 5 sessions per week.

Children in their Ante Pre-school year can attend from between 3 and 5 sessions per week. The Nursery staff will be pleased to discuss the Nursery sessions your child might attend.

If your child is unable to attend Nursery you should let the school know as soon as possible. You can do this by letting staff know in advance or by a telephone call or e mail message on the day. Contact details are on page 3 of this booklet. If your child is unwell, please keep him or her off until they are fit and well enough again to cope with Nursery.

In accordance with P&K Attendance Policy, records of your child’s attendance are kept electronically on our school system and school attendance procedures apply. This means that if your child is registered to be in Nursery on a certain day and cannot attend their allocated session, it is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to inform the school.  If your child is absent and we have not had communication from you, then we will endeavour to make contact.

Parents should ensure that their child is brought to and collected from Nursery by a responsible adult. All children should self-register and staff will complete written registration.

The Nursery door has a secure entry system. Please buzz and a member of staff will let you in. If a person other than yourself is picking up your child, please note these details in the ‘child collection’ book, or phone the school with this information.  We will not release a child to anyone other than the usual agreed adult without prior consent.

All adults bringing and collecting children should enter and leave the Nursery by the Nursery entrance. If you wish to visit the school on other business, you should enter by way of the main school entrance. This is part of our Health and Safety procedure and your co-operation in observing this rule is expected. You should not come through the connecting corridor as this is a cloakroom area.

It is appreciated if you collect your child promptly at the end of their session, as children become upset when parents are late. If you wish to speak to a member of staff, please arrive a few minutes early.

 As all Nursery staff have other duties before and after each Nursery session, it is very important that parents and carers drop off and pick up their children within the allotted times – between 8.55 and 12.07 or 12.43 and 15.55. Your co-operation with this matter is very much appreciated.

Car Parking

The School car park is very busy and all parking bays are designated for Perth and Kinross staff and visitors. However, there is a short term parking ‘pick up and drop off ‘area which Nursery parents and carers can use, located behind school bus area.

For health and safety reasons could parents and carers:

Not park elsewhere in the car park

Encourage your child/ren to exit and enter your car on the pavement side

Ensure that you use the pedestrian pathways to come along to the Nursery rather than cross the car park with the children.

Car parking can be a real problem at the school. Wherever possible try to share transport to and from the Nursery to reduce the amount of cars using the drop off and pick up zones.


The Nursery has its own toilets. Children will be encouraged to use the toilet independently. Nursery staff will work with parents and support them with toilet training, if this is required. Nursery staff will inform you if your child has had to be changed.

Parents should ensure that a full set of clothes for changing is always available for their child, when required. Nursery bags are to be taken home at the end of every session.

What if my child becomes ill or has an accident at Nursery?

The school has staff trained in basic first aid. If your child has a minor accident or feels unwell in Nursery, school staff will attend to him or her in the first instance.  If your child becomes very unwell or has an accident which requires further medical advice or action, school staff will always try to contact you at home or work.  If we are unable to do this then we will contact the person(s) you have designated as your emergency contact(s).  If emergency first aid is required then we will contact the Emergency services or your GP practice.  To help us with these procedures, parents should try to ensure that all contact information and numbers you have given us are kept up-to-date.

If your child suffers from any kind of illness or allergy, the Nursery should be informed of this so that we can respond appropriately if your child becomes ill.

Please also let School staff know if your child’s medical information changes throughout the year so that our information is always current.

If your child is involved in a minor accident you will be advised of this upon collection your child.

Taking Medicine in School

Your child should not bring any medicine to School without the knowledge and consent of the Head Teacher or her representative.   Parents should speak to Nursery staff in the first instance to discuss arrangements for administering prescribed medicine, as documentation is required to be completed. This is part of our safe use of drugs policy and these guidelines must be adhered to.

Nursery staff members are not obliged to administer medicine to children in School and can refuse to do so. There are strict procedures for administering medicine to children.  Only prescribed medicines may be given and only after a written protocol has been agreed between the school, family and GP. Families are advised that if their children do require prescription medicines they should arrange with their GP to have a dosage that can be administered out-with school and Nursery times, if at all possible.

Nursery Snack

A healthy snack is provided each Nursery Session.  Please inform Nursery staff if your child is allergic to any foods.  A contribution towards the provision of snack is compulsory, at 32p per session/day.  (We also run a Toy Fund, which is a voluntary contribution of 8p per session/day).  Therefore, if your child is attending Nursery five sessions per week and you also want to contribute towards the Toy Fund, then payment is £2.00.  This is payable at the School Office and will be recorded at the beginning of each week.

Fossoway Nursery operates within a semi open plan Early Years learning environment for children aged 3-7 years. Strict hygiene routines are in place and are adhered to. As we currently have children with nut allergies in the school, no foodstuffs containing traces of nuts are allowed. We respectfully ask that new parents support us in keeping our school as nut free as possible.

Nursery Fundraising

We would encourage you to join our Parent Teacher Association. Events are organised by them throughout the year to help raise funds for additional resources and activities. Your support in fundraising activities is much appreciated.

Information regarding events and how you can help is displayed on various noticeboards around school and emailed to parents and carers on a regular basis. All help is welcome!

School Visits and Activities

Although you will be asked to sign a ‘blanket’ consent form (covers trips out of school and Nursery), whenever your child is to be taken on a trip or engaged in any activity, either outside of the School grounds or after Nursery hours, you will be told about this by letter and will have to give your written permission for your child to take part.

A ‘blanket’ consent form is issued at enrolment. Parent or carer help is usually invited (and much appreciated) for Nursery trips and activities but please remember you must not transport pupils on School/ Nursery business unless you are appropriately insured to do so and have been asked to do so by the Head Teacher or her representative. This is part of our risk assessment procedure. Parents should also note that recent legislation requires all children to have a child car safety seat until they reach EITHER their 12th birthday OR 135cm in height.

Data Protection

Data protection procedures and appropriate forms will be discussed at your child’s enrolment meeting.

Working in Partnership with you

Partnership is ‘A shared sense of purpose, mutual respect and the willingness to negotiate. This implies a sharing of information, responsibility, skills, decision making and accountability.’

Perth and Kinross 3-8 Guidelines

Here at Fossoway we value and want to work with parents in partnership because children’s early learning normally takes place at home, through first hand experiences, in real life contexts and is usually supported by parents or carers. It is, therefore, vital that we build on this natural pattern by creating opportunities for staff and parents to work together and to share information.

A lot of relevant and current information about the work of the Nursery and early learning is available in the Nursery entrance. We establish communication links by sending out regular newsletters, hosting open events and workshops, offering parent contact evenings. In the Nursery, child folders are available for parents to view at any time.

Parents are also always welcome to help in the Nursery. There are many ways you can do this from making and repairing resources, to helping individual children in the Nursery setting.

Nursery Parents are usually invited to help from September, so that we can settle in the children first. Please ask Nursery staff if you are interested.

Learning links between home and school

The Nursery operates a lending library. This involves your child taking home a book for a week.  This helps your child to develop their listening and talking skills, as well as their reading development.

A Learning Plan will be sent home at the beginning of each term. At the end of each term you will be able to share your child’s Learning Steps jotter.  This is the main format for recording your child’s development and progress across the Early Level of Curriculum for Excellence.  Nursery staff are constantly observing and assessing your child’s progress whilst they are with us.  Evidence of this learning is recorded in various ways within the jotter.  If you notice any developments made at home that have not been noted, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Community Room and staff base

The Nursery has a small Community Room attached. It is used by visiting specialists eg doctor, nurse etc. and sometimes for specialised teaching, preparing resources or a discussion group.  This is also available for informal and formal gatherings for Nursery parents and staff.

We have regular Stay and Play sessions throughout the term.


A whole School closure is regarded as a last resort and every attempt will be made to continue with the normal or best possible educational provision for pupils until there is no alternative, because of health and safety factors, to close.

The decision to close will normally be made early in the morning. We currently use a text and/or e-mail system to communicate this at the earliest opportunity.  If the weather worsens during the school day and we need to close, parents will be contacted in the same manner.   It is, therefore, essential that any change of contact details are communicated to the School.

Further information regarding current closures can be obtained by parents at:- – Go into the link ‘Information for you’ and then ‘School Closures’

Radio Tay: Frequency AM 1584        FM 96.4 Perth only Frequency

AM 1161         FM 102.8         Everywhere else

Perth and Kinross Council Customer Service Centre (Available from 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs however this line may operate from 07:00 hrs in exceptional circumstances)

Parents/Carers should dial 0845 3011100 (calls are charged at local rate) or 01738 475000 (main Council line)

PKC Twitter – @PerthandKinross

Parents/Carers should not call the school unless all of the above options are unavailable. 

More information about our aims and values and learning and teaching in the Nursery setting

School Ethos

Our school ethos is very important to us. We are continually commended for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere here at Fossoway and we do all that we can to maintain that positive feel when you walk through our door. When you enrol your child at our school and Nursery, both you and they become part of the Fossoway Family.

Our Vision is to provide for Excellence for All through a Love of Learning.

Our Shared Core Values

These Values were created in consultation with all stakeholder groups. They are not in any specific order as they are all equally important.

Respect and Fairness

Cooperation and Partnership

Attainment and Achievement

Health and Happiness

Patience and Perseverance

We use these values when we work with our pupils, we link them to the Stars of the Week awards where we celebrate achievement across the school and we feel they underpin any decision we make.

We will strive to achieve our vision through these aims:

To include everyone in everything we do.

To provide a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment to play, learn and work in.

  • To deliver a relevant, progressive, supportive and challenging curriculum to ensure we can all be the best we can be.
  • To share what we have, know and think in a nurturing and enjoyable way.
  • To believe in ourselves and each other, developing the confidence, skills and motivation to fulfil our own potential each day for the rest of our lives.
  • To recognise and celebrate success at all levels.

We are all proud to be part of the Fossoway Family and are all committed to ensuring these aims, values and/or vision are deeply embedded into all that we do.

The Early Years Curriculum Framework

Scotland’s new 3-18 Curriculum Framework is known as ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ and aims to nurture and support young people to be ‘Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors’.

The Early Years part of this framework tries to offer planned learning experiences based on different key aspects of children’s development and learning. It helps staff to plan activities and experiences which promote children’s development and learning in:


  • Literacy and English
  • Numeracy and Mathematics
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Expressive Arts
  • Social Subjects
  • Sciences
  • Technologies
  • Religious and Moral Education



The teaching and learning your child will experience will depend on their developmental stage and his/her individual needs, aptitudes, interests and abilities.

Learning through play is one of the main features of the Early Years Curriculum and you may notice that the Nursery is divided into interesting areas, offering a wide range of experiences to engage your child. Staff will observe the outcomes of your child’s interest in the play activities and use the observations to develop further learning across the curriculum.

All the areas in the Nursery are structured to help develop your child’s skills and stimulate your child’s interests.

Examples of Learning Activities Include:

Literacy and English Language


  • Listening and talking during play experiences


  • Listening to and responding to stories


  • Looking at books


  • Developing an awareness of rhyme


  • Developing writing skills throughout the Nursery environment


  • Developing and extending vocabulary

Numeracy and Mathematics


  • Recognising and using numbers


  • Recognising shapes through play with construction materials


  • Encouraging measure through water play experiences


  • Developing an awareness of time through Nursery routines


Health and Wellbeing


  • Enjoying active, energetic play, both indoors and outdoors


  • Developing skills like running, jumping, climbing, throwing and catching


  • Learning to make delicate movements with fingers and hands through use of small tools, completing jigsaws, fastening zips, etc.


  • Developing independence, confidence and self-esteem


  • Caring for others and the surrounding environment


  • Providing opportunities to make healthy food choices


Expressive arts


  • Painting, drawing and modelling in the art area


  • Role play, small world and drama activities


  • Singing and music-making



  • Observing seasonal changes


  • Investigating the environment e.g. mini-beasts, weather, etc.


  • Exploring the properties of materials

Social Subjects


  • Visiting the local community, e.g. library


  • Looking at artefacts from the past


  • Discover where food comes from through preparing and tasting snack



  • Developing mouse control through a variety of computer activities


  • Becoming aware of the uses of technology in the world


  • Using camera to record experiences

Religious and Moral Education


  • Being aware of major Christian festivals


  • Celebrating customs from different cultures


  • Caring, sharing and co-operating through play activities


Outdoor Learning


  • Children have the opportunity to play and learn in our beautiful outdoor area each session

Who will support my child’s learning?

A wide range of teaching and support staff work within the Early Years setting at Fossoway, many of whom will be involved with your child. These include the Nursery Teacher, Early Childhood Practitioners, Pupil Support Assistants and Teacher and school Auxiliaries.  Your child may also work with some of our many parent helpers or other adult volunteers and students who help in the Nursery over the year.

Nursery children also have access to occasional visits from community staff members e.g. Active Schools Co-ordinator

All staff involved with helping your child to learn will do so by


  • observing them at play and deciding when to leave them alone and when to join in. Staff members are trained to extend children’s play by offering ideas, materials or vocabulary, by asking questions, by setting challenges, and by helping, explaining or showing how things can be done.
  • making time to work with small groups of children on special aspects of learning e.g. developing interest in books, playing table top games, etc.


Some children may need additional help and support from adults, and staff will ensure that they are given:


  • Support and encouragement.
  • Time to make friends and to get to know one another.
  • Opportunities to develop their independence.
  • Lots of praise and reassurance.


If Nursery staff members consider it appropriate they may wish to involve more specialised staff and agencies to help with planning and delivering the curriculum for your child. These may include the school Pupil Support teacher or related health service staff such as Speech and Language therapists or Occupational therapists, Educational Psychologist, etc. Additional support can also be accessed through the pre-school and family home visiting service. If any additional external services are thought to be appropriate, this will be discussed and agreed with you.

Recording and Reporting progress

Your knowledge of your child will be taken into account when he or she is enrolled in the Nursery and whenever you discuss his/her progress with staff.

Your child’s learning will be assessed on a regular basis. To do this Nursery staff will observe your child at play, listen and talk with them. This continuous assessment is used to help plan his/her next learning steps, so that their learning needs can be met.

A pupil’s Learning Steps jotter records some of the key milestones in your child’s progress. This record will include comments on your child’s strengths and interests and what they need to learn next. For children in their pre-school year, this jotter will be available to Primary 1 teachers to inform planning during the transition period and may be continued as your child continues through the early level of ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’.

The record will include:

  • Photographs
  • Examples of your child’s work
  • Comments on your child’s strengths and interests

You will also receive an end of year report in the Summer term.

When can I talk to Nursery Staff?

Two formal parent interviews to discuss your child’s progress are offered each year, normally in November and March.

If you wish to have a brief chat with Nursery staff they will usually be available at the end of each session to help with enquiries or give advice – please try to arrive at least 10 minutes early. However, if you think you will need more time to discuss matters properly, please call and make an appointment.

Transition to Primary 1

As the Nursery is part of an open plan early years setting, children in the Nursery work and play alongside Primary 1 children throughout the year. In addition, children leaving the Nursery and moving on to P1 at Fossoway will be given the chance to be involved in a comprehensive Nursery/P1 Induction Programme.

This involves the children visiting their new P1 class, working with P1 staff, having a school lunch and joining in School Sports Day. Early years’ workshops on Learning and Teaching are usually offered on a regular basis to Nursery and P1 parents.  The Induction Programme consists of four or five visits and further information is distributed during the Summer term.

For those who will be going to other schools, a very detailed record of your child’s strengths and development needs is passed on to their new P1 teacher. Their new teacher is also invited to come along to the Nursery to meet and work with your child and discuss their progress.  We are very happy to support transition programmes in other schools to ensure your child has the best possible start into Primary 1.

This is your Nursery

In the Nursery we hope we promote an environment of mutual trust, respect and open communication. We therefore welcome suggestions and comments to help improve the quality of our service. This can be done in a variety of ways – through discussion with staff, dropping a note in the suggestion box, questionnaires, etc.

Parents are very welcome in the School and Nursery and usually help with a wide range of things including resource organisation, after school clubs, trips, craftwork, helping out with transport, open days and fundraising.

Fossoway has formed close links with a variety of adult led groups. This includes an active Parent Council and representatives from the wider community, all providing superb support to the life of the whole School.  You might want to join.  Perhaps too, you have a skill or expertise, either through your work or leisure interests, which you could share with the staff and children.  If you think you might, please offer.  It will be appreciated.

Complaints Procedure

If a problem arises you should raise this in the first instance with the Nursery staff or by posting correspondence via the communication box. If for any reason this is not possible then your complaint should be addressed to the Head Teacher.  All complaints will be recorded and acknowledged and dealt with in a sensitive manner.  Any action taken will also be reported back to the complainant.

If the problem is not resolved the complaint must be put in writing to Perth and Kinross Council who will investigate the matter further.

The work of the Nursery is inspected independently on a bi-annual basis by the Care Inspectorate. Anyone can also seek further advice by contacting them at Compass House, 11 Riverside Drive, Dundee, DD1 4NY.

Telephone number 0845 6009527 or at

You can contact Perth and Kinross Area Education Offices on 01738 475583

The Service Manager is Mrs Anne Dalziel.